Does this replace my existing smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarms?

Absolutely! But it's not just a replacement, it's an upgrade.

If your battery-operated smoke alarm is working, then you're in the minority. Most disasters happen not because people don't have alarms, but because the ones they have don't have working batteries. Birdi can add protection if you already have some working ones, or it can work as a totally stand-alone system.

One of the benefits of replacing the current system is that all our Smart Detectors are wirelessly interconnected together. If one goes off, they all do, and you're alerted about the location of the danger through the app. 

Plus, with Birdi you decide whether it's an emergency or false alarm right from your phone so that you don't have to deal with confusing security systems or third-party notifiers. It could even save you money because those false alarms often come with fines of $100 and up from the fire department. Each false alarm that we prevent covers the cost of another Birdi, saving you money!

*Please note that this device is not officially a smoke and/or CO alarm until it receives certification from the appropriate body, which will happen before it becomes available.  

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