Why should I be concerned about carbon monoxide (CO)?

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a very serious threat and we strive to do everything we can to prevent this silent killer.

It is an extremely deadly, colorless and odorless gas, not to be confused with carbon dioxide (CO2). In small amounts, it replaces the oxygen in your bloodstream, causing suffocation usually without any obviously apparent symptoms. It is released in varying amounts by most combustion sources, such as boilers, stoves, car exhausts, smoking, space heaters and even the pilot flames in your gas stove. Symptoms of poisoning include dull headaches, weakness and dizziness, which are not good enough indicators on their own to let us know that something is dangerously wrong. 

Other carbon monoxide sensors are only supposed to alert you when threateningly high levels are sustained. These detectors give you no idea of your exposure until it is an emergency and it starts beeping. At that point, carbon monoxide poisoning may have already caused confusion and delirium, leaving you in a state where you can't act on the alarm effectively.

These devices are not meant to alarm for at least 30 days at 30ppm, which is enough exposure to cause headaches and dizziness within 6 hours. At 70+ppm, the alarm only has to start in 60-240 minutes.

With the Birdi app you will be able to track your CO in your home with about 2ppm accuracy. You'll be able to spot a leak long before it gets to a dangerous level, so that you can act on it and get the help that you need. You'll get a detailed message from Birdi explaining exactly what to do and if it's an emergency, we'll alert the right people as quickly as possible.

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