Testing helps to make sure everything is functioning properly and is best practice according to international life safety certi cation standards.


Birdi tests itself constantly to make sure that everything is working properly. If there’s a problem, we’ll let you know by signaling the warning state or end-of- life state. We’ll notify you about the speci c issue by sending you a message through the Birdi app.


Press once to check the status. Green means the device is working. Blue means it is working and is also connected to the internet. Yellow indicates a problem.


Press the button twice to start a test. After countdown beeps, the device will test the smoke alarm state by flashing red with 3 long beeps then test the carbon monoxide alarm by ashing red with 4 short beeps. Once the test ends, the device will glow green. If you do not hear or see any alerts during the test, please reset the device and try again. If this problem continues to persist, contact support.


⚠️ WARNING Weekly testing is required. Never test the smoke sensor with an actual fire or with a cigarette. Never test the carbon monoxide sensor by using a car exhaust or with a real gas source.

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