Replacing Batteries

Birdi does our best not to annoy you. We’ll alert you through the app when your batteries start to get low. This will give you a chance to replace them before we start to broadcast the legally-required chirp.

To replace the 3 batteries, first dismount the device. Open the battery door. Make sure to only install the batteries indicated: AA Energizer® Ultimate Lithium (L91) long-lasting batteries. These can be ordered directly from us for your convenience, or found at your local store. They must be lined up in the proper orientation to function, as indicated by the label inside to match polarity: + to + and - to -. Insert the batteries in the order indicated by the label (first with #1, then #2, then #3).

Note The device cannot be installed on the mounting plate without the batteries inserted.

⚠️ WARNING Do not use any other batteries than ones specified by Birdi. Different battery types can negatively impact functionality. Never remove batteries to silence an alarm. Please open a window or fan the air in case of a false alarm.

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